Sports Science

Tools to measure your starting point, identify the areas for improvement and optimize your performance.

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A program that measures body fat to improve your overall health. Twelve parts of you body are measured with calipers. The location of your body fat often correlates to hormone imbalances. Therefore, specific nutrition and exercises are assigned based on your measurements. Reassessments are used to track progress and make additional recommendations.


Moxy (Muscle Oxygen Monitor)

A device is placed on your body before training to measure the oxygen delivered to your muscles. The device shines infrared light onto the skin and detects the light returned after traveling through the muscle tissue. 


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A handheld device to perform breathing exercises. Your parameters entered and breathing begins. We save your data and track your progress over time.



A scale-like platform you perform movements on to measure force output, leg and arm imbalances, and muscle response. The force places provide data to enhance your strength and conditioning program.