Sports Performance

Maximize your body's potential on and off the field of play.

Our Focus


Identify your imbalances and injuries to address them and get your body back to neutral.

Injury Prevention

Build a foundation to sustain the wear and tear of training and competition.


Increase your range of motion and become agile in reaching your goals.

Strength & Conditioning

Begin with aerobic training to prepare for lifting heavier and achieving optimal performance.


Become more explosive and increase acceleration to be a dominant player.


Tools and methods that assist in recovery so you can get more from body and each training session.

Off-Season Training


8 – 12 Week Program

  • bioSignature assessment
  • Athletic profile
  • Nutrition recommendations
  • 5 – 6 Days of Sport Specific Training
  • Recovery Treatments
  • Pre & Post Workout Supplementation

I moved to Chicago to train with Brian summer of 2016 after hearing how great he is. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The program allowed me to be in the best shape I have ever been for a season. It’s very specific and addresses any deficiencies you may have. Everyday he comes to work eager to help us and wants feedback from us on how he can improve.

Jake McCabe


Our program is about the team! This is an investment in your career and we want athletes who are motivated and dedicated to their craft.

Brian Galivan