Brian Galivan

Founder & Performance coach
  • PICP – Poliquin Certification, Level 3
  • RPR 2 – Reflexive Performance Reset, Level 2
  • DNS  Certified – Dynamic Neuro. Stabilization

Brian is a partner and Director of Sports Science for the US National Team Development Program, founder of GVN Performance, and Revitalab. Brian’s passion for human movement, recovery, and performance in addition to having five younger brothers led him to a career in hockey for the Chicago Area. Brian believes in continuous learning to master his craft.

As a sports performance coach, Brian works with professional and Olympic athletes on strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, recovery, and sports science. He understands the biomechanics, physical, and emotional demands and is committed to his clients reaching their optimal performance. His compassion to teach in and outside of the gym allowed GVN Performance to grow beyond a training facility. He has created a culture that gives his clients the support, resources, and inspiration to exceed their potential.